IOP Leader - Mr. C.P. Vyas

Mr. C.P. Vyas is an Energetic and a very Dynamic Person and felt that no other Political Parties are willing to think about the common Indian People and somewhere the other parties fails to fulfill the dreams and desires to common Indian people. He started to think that there must be a political party who can work for them honestly. He established a Political Party named INDIAN OCEANIC PARTY.
Mr. C.P. Vyas , National President of IOP " I want to work for the common Indians with honesty."

With an ideology to assimilate all progressive ideologies and an oath to bring back the lost glory of olden days. Indian Oceanic Party was launched in Delhi with a big bang. The Party , as the name suggest, will be an ocean of philosophies, an ocean of honest peoples, an ocean where the power of creating a prosperous India is developed.


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