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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

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Indian Oceanic Party (IOP)

Indian Oceanic Party (IOP) is taking place to develop the nation. IOP is formed in the year of 2010 by Sh. C.P. Vyas who is now National President of the Indian Oceanic Party. As in India there are lots of Independent parties which are established and formed by the various peoples to having a motto. Apart from that Indian Oceanic Party is one of the best reformation Independent National Level Political party. Sh. C.P. Vyas innaugrated the various meeting at Head office of IOP in New Delhi, India where many party workers (Karyakarta) participate and they found the party is well and the slogan which IOP says its " Majboor nahi, Majboot Bano..Sacchai ka Saboot Bano."

This is the Official Blog of Indian Oceanic Party which is established on 2010 for developing the nation and its youth. This party is for All India,and the party of all Indians is newly developed Indian Oceanic Party.

The Head office of Indian Oceanic Party is situated at New Delhi. This party is for the peoples to develop them the ideology to creating of this party is to making the nation proud and development of youth is the agenda. As in India the peoples of India are busy to making money and lots of the persons are corrupted means Corruption is the big issue in India. To remove the Corruption and making the India is a top nation this party continued doing the work.

The other information about the party you can found on this blog. The official blogging site of IOP is


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