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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

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For the Citizen of India - IOP

 The problem is that the whole bureacracy and politician is corrupt. For everything, even a small electric line conection you have to bribe in India. All the law created in parliament are useless because bureacracy takes it just as means to earn money. You pay money and you can bypass any law in India. The whole political system is based on black money. Every minister is corrupt, actually more than 50% have criminal background. In last 64 years no bureacrat or minister was ever punished. The reason is simple. PM is supported by ministers and CBI is under control of Prime Minister (PM). Why the PM will be honest to punish the people by whom support s/he is PM.

This is the most childish administrative setup ever seen, a criminal being judge for himself. Now the thing has gone for worst, these politician have become so besharam and bold, just see how they have done corruption in CWG so openly, they know that it will be known to the World but they don't care. After 64 years of independence, 60% of Indian live below poverty line, earning less than a dollar per day, homeless, no food, no education, full of diseases, no future for their children.

The simple reason is that all the developmental money meant for them is taken away by corrupt politician and bureacrat. India is projecting itself a developing superpower but it can be compared with African countries only. According to CIA 70% of India is in insurgency from JK, North Eastern States, Bihar, WB, Orrisa, Chattisgarh, UP, part of Maharastra, part of AP, Jharkhand all are disturnbed area. The reason is simple poverty and under development. In 1990, then PM Rajiv Gandhi said that when they release Rs 100 from Delhi only Rs10 reach the needy people, 90% is eaten by corrupt midleman. Now I guess only 1% reaches to needy man. India is fast becoming next Somalia, Civil war, poverty, diseases, total chaos. Frankly India is at 3rd stage of Cancer, surviving on ventilator. After 9/11 attack, US immediately fixed their laws. there is no attack after that. In India, we know that corruption is everywhere, we know that nobody is punished ever but we never fix it due to vested interest. I am sure Politician will never fix for themselves. Politician know that People have no choices, they have to choose between few political parties and people can only rotate them. India being fractured society with so many languages, religion and caste, it will be difficult to survive as country if majority of people lose faith in constitution.

Sushant Annaji supporter have to be very careful, these corrupt politician will use all method to break the revolution. In Maharastra assembly, false case was registered against Anupam Kher for insulting Constitution. Remember that Anupamji was active supporter of Annaji. Maharastra congress minister Tariq in IBN7 news discussion raised the issue that Anupam Kher is RSS man because he is talking about changing constitution. Then he talks about Dalit, that changing constitution is insult to Ambedkarji. All bullshit, constitution was amended 104 times till now. From this we can get the idea about future course of action by politician. 1. Malalign Annaji and his core team, sort of character killing. 2. Harassing Anna supporter by creating false cases. 3. Bringing Religion/Caste to create rift in the revolution 4. Engineer Large scale sectarian violence around Jun/Jul/Aug. 5. Purchase media to spread rumor Be Vigilent, these CHOR can go to any length to protect their corrupt kingdom. (Just imagine the size of corruption market, it will be many times our GDP)


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