Tuesday, 28 January 2014

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National President of IOP- Shri C.P. Vyas

There are lots of Political Party in India. In the year of 2010 a new political party is established by Sh. C.p. Vyas. The motto of this National Level Independent Political Party is to develop the India and its youth because Youth is the new future of any nation. If youth of India is developed then India is automatically become a developed nation and its become the Top Nation in the World.

About Sh, C.P. Vyas:-


Shri C.P. Vyas is the National President of Indian Oceanic Party (IOP) the slogan of the party is "Sacchai ka Sabut bano, Majboor nahi..Majboot Bano" . Sh. C.P. Vyas works as an I.A.S. Officer but due to Political Corrupt System he resigned  and then he thought to about found a Political party which impart to develop the nation. According to him "When Youth of India is Unite under one Umbrella, then the India will be free from all type of Problems" .

After establishing the Indian Oceanic Party in 2010 Sh. C.P. Vyas rapidly doing the work to improve the functionalities of India and doing work as National President of IOP. Many people across the India join the Indian Oceanic Party as member of the IOP. He also organized various conferences at various Places of India.
To learn more about Indian Oceanic Party visit at - indianoceanicparty.blogspot.com


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