Thursday, 30 January 2014

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Shri Onkar Prasad Jatav Hathras

As the Lok Sabha elections held in the year of 2014 and the time is not so far. The independent National Level Political party is on the rapidly growing. Shri Onkar Prasad Jatav, a independent politician elects the Loksabha Election from the District Hathras. 


He says that the development of any state and Nation is depends upon their public and politics when we are together we find out the solution of various problems. According to the news, Sh. O.P. Jatav joins the Indian Oceanic Party as in the part of its National Working Committee member. The party says they will elect do develop the nation and sure they will win the election. Well there are other parties also who callobrate in Uttar Pradesh and doing their preparation for the Loksabha Election 2014. The recently popular party who won the election in 2014 in Delhi, Aam Aadmi party is also are on the working stage for the election of Loksabha in 2014.

Shri Onkar Prasad Jatav is renowed personality in their area and he doing various work in their home town at Uttar Pradesh. The family is also do work with the Gram Panchayat. Days are not so far away time is going to be fastly IOP hope for a great revolution  in India that will change the future.

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